Oh, For Solace

Oh sleep,
You are a broken back of lost ages.

You are Mistress of Agony that fails me.
I am lost in a haze of sweaty nights and hacking dawns,
My lungs ache and my sides explode with every sternutation.

Misery loves to hide you from me,
Solace is your greatest ally,
And mine.
Oh for solace—
And more of your fitful embrace.




I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been very ill. I’ve barely had my computer on let alone write anything.

Found Poetry: Embrace the Uncertainty

If you’re feeling frightened,
About what comes next—don’t be.

Embrace the uncertainty.
Allow it to lead you.
Be brave,
As it challenges you,
Both heart and mind,
As you walk your own path to joy.

Don’t waste time; no regrets.
Spin wildly into the next movement.

Enjoy the present,
Each moment,
As it comes,
Because future experiences,
Won’t be the same.

And if you become lost along the way,
Simply breathe and start over.
Retrace, go back,
To your heart’s purity—where hope lives.

Find your way.