Cento: Shirtless–Strange–Slant

(A collection of borrowed lines from “Shirtless Tattoo” by Anthony Armstrong; “Go Leaving Strange” by Patrick Lane; and “SLANT Room” by Michael Eden Reynolds)

I have not knelt in twenty years | (Anthony Armstrong)

I never wanted more, took nothing less | (Patrick Lane)

Hold the next million years | (Michael Eden Reynolds)


Adrift a month of day the sun | (M.E.R.)

Rising out of the smell of its own life | (P.L.)

And the stars are in the lake | (A.A.)


We’re a week from the moon | (A.A.)

Six feet down and digging not a grave | (P.L.)

Today there is so much good blood | (M.E.R.)


The animal is nowhere to be seen — | (M.E.R.)

His runt dog who’d found the bear | (P.L.)

Now old friends see a phantom | (A.A.)


On his his wrist, there is a slash | (A.A.)

Let him spin, let him spin, they cry | (P.L.)

The bird spreads its wings | (M.E.R.)

Free Verse/Found Poetry: “The Moon Is Also Busy”

Inspired by the same title in the book “I Heard GOD Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy”, Renderings of HAFIZ by Daniel Landinsky.

The sun rises to walk the day

It has so many things to do

There are brows to sweat and dogs to pant

And yet the moon is also busy,

In its dreams it rides the waves on a starlit ship,

Across endless skies

It battles the dippers and laughs with Orion

Dreaming is busy work!

Workshop Poem (Free Verse): Sentient Celebration

With winter comes a sentient celebration

A fascinating rush through streets and malls

Christmas is only a week away, and

There are red ribbons and bells on shoes

Ho! Ho! Ho! Sunny-secretly surly Santas on their Christmas thrones

Holiday telemarketers… Ring, ring! Ring, ring!

Serving all your business communication needs!

Stop calling me! Stop calling me!

Unplug the telephone and plug in the Christmas tree,

And, then, back out into the holiday for more seasoning

Enjoy the Festival of Lights, with a latte

X-mas marks the Day!

It comes! It comes! A clatter!

Chaos, chaos, chaos…

How long is it until the spring of Easter?

Free Verse: The Baleful Wing

The gibbon-wind howls across the deck

Sailors are shivering monkeys swinging in the rigging

There is a deep freeze, the waves are cold animals, hunting

Solidarity in the ranks and against the white weather,

But energy wanes amongst the crew


Frost is everywhere, as the ship rolls on icy waters

Fingers and toes are lost to the bite

The deck is a slick monster

Frigid air burns throats and lungs

Teeth freeze and snotty beards hang with icicles


The captain went overboard hours ago,

His death shattered his immortal myth


Then, suddenly, the sea sleeps and all is still

Water freezes, and the ship becomes an iceberg coffin

The stark moon rises over, as their world ends

For the World’s End beckons the Baleful Wing