Haiku: Where’s my Mouse?

Whispers of whiskers!

I now hope for the Mouse King,

And not cockroaches!


Free Verse: The Red Forever

Walk. Jump. Dive. Swim.

I’m walking along the edge of the world,

Jumping as far as I need for life

Stop. Twitch. Move on.


I reach the edge of all of forever

There, a warm red sea stretches to the sun

I dive in; I swim to the floating islands

Smell. Joy. All is calm.


Then there rises a storm that tumbles the sea

I hang on for dear life with thin limbs

Loud clattering thunder break across the waves

Fear. Prayer. Finally, the storm ends.


All is calm,

Then in mere moments,

An otherworldly voice screams in the sky…

“Waiter! There is a cockroach in my soup!”